We're creating useful information to show grandparents how to use technology to enhance relationships with their grandchildren. Please join in on the discussion. We welcome your ideas.


Welcome to the Grandparent Project! 

The big idea 

If you’re a grandparent, then no doubt you have a special feeling in your heart for each of your precious grandchildren. You long to spend time with them, to have a special bond with them. Perhaps you already have that special connection. Would you like some ideas to increase it?

Grandparenting can be a challenge. Many have grandchildren who don’t live nearby. Many grandchildren don’t even live within driving distance, making it hard to get together often. Travel can be expensive and time consuming. Each age of a grandchild can present different challenges. In addition, some grandparents are raising their grandchildren.

My wife and I are currently writing a book for grandparents. We are also developing a website and blog. (More on that below.) We are collecting great ideas from grandparents all over, and we would love ideas from you! We want to know what kinds of technology you use, and how you apply it to grandparenting. The book and website will help grandparents learn about cool technologies to enhance their relationship with their grandchildren. We'll show them how to employ these technologies.

Our inspiration for this project spawned from our yearning desire to be closer to our grandchildren. Our first seven grandchildren live in three other areas of the country. So we started seeking and taking advantage of more and more methods to connect with them.

Purpose of the Grandparent Project

The mission of the Grandparent Project is to develop ideas, and to create resources and content for grandparents to help them better enjoy their special relationship with each grandchild. This Grandparent Project website is a tool to create and manage all of the components of a free internet based service for grandparents and their grandchildren. It’s an online area to manage the development of the project: ideas, plans, structure, phases of the project, etc. It also provides a place to collaborate with other grandparents on the book we are writing.

So what is the content we are creating? My wife coined an acronym, “TLC”.

The TLC in Grandparenting

Who knows better how to give TLC than grandparents? Tender Loving Care. We offer advice on another kind of TLC. Technology, Loving, Connecting.

Our primary area of focus is Technology. We live in an amazing age where technology is expanding rapidly all around us, making it hard to keep up with it all. Much of technology is not easy to learn. Many gadgets have surprising benefits and uses that are not obvious. What if someone could tell grandparents about the latest technology, show them how to use it to strengthen their relationship with their grandchildren, and teach them how to use it?

We make grandparents aware of cool technology they can use that will bring them closer to their grandchildren. We show them what technology is available and make it easy for them to learn to use it. But we keep in mind that, while technology is cool, it's all about the grandparent-grandchild relationship; the tech is just a tool.

The second area of focus is Loving. Grandparents have a natural love for each grandchild. They want to find more ways that they can express their love. We share stories, ideas, and tips. Grandparents also share these with each other.

The third area of focus is Connecting. Sometimes connecting with grandchildren can be a challenge. We offer suggestions grandparents can use to connect with their grandchildren.

Of course, each area of TLC does not necessary stand alone. Usually they are interconnected. For example, a phone call is about connecting together, displaying love, while using the technology of the telephone.


On this website, we invite other grandparents to contribute ideas and examples of how they use technology to be close to their grandkids. We would love each of you to contribute ideas as well. This is called "Crowdsourcing" -- getting a crowd of people from all over the internet to add their ideas, vote on proposals, etc. The best ideas float to the top. Our project blog has opportunities to participate by voting, polls, commenting, etc. Come on in!  We need you!

How this website is set up

We have divided the content, products, and services to be develop into projects. Each project fits under four categories:

    1. Common
    2. Resources for Grandparents
    3. Website for Grandparents
    4. Website for Grandchildren

You can navigate with the menu at the top of every page to go to the Project Blog and the Polls. The Projects menu lets you see what been written so far about the different projects. The Grandparenting Blog is the current blog for grandparents (for now).


  • Choose names for the grandparenting book, websites, podcasts, etc. (In order to maximize branding and coherency, they will likely all have the same names.)
  • Marketing including promotion and advertising. Also includes New Media promotion through Web 2.0 social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc. All these provide cross-pollination marketing for each other.

Resources for Grandparents

Anything that is not part of the website for grandparents: 

  • Grandparenting Book about technology, and perhaps some of the other parts of TLC: loving and connecting.
  • Newsletter delivered by email.
  • Podcasts about grandparenting and technology, perhaps TLC.
  • Software & Freeware that helps grandparents connect with grandchildren.
  • Other Resource Ideas that the crowd comes up with.

Website for Grandparents

This website is a free resource with the following features:

  • Articles on specific grandparenting areas and subjects.
  • Blog with fresh content that also allows interaction through comments.
  • Downloadable documents, forms, charts, clipart, and/or other useful files.
  • Email for Grandparents specifically designed to connect with each grandchild.
  • Forums that allow grandparents to contribute tips, ideas, memories, stories, funny grandchild antics and amusements, and to ask questions, offer advice, comments, and feedback.
  • Tutorials showing how to use cool technology.
  • Webcasts that feature live audio and video; a place to talk about subjects of interest, including technology.
  • Grandchild Site Setup gives grandparents quick and easy online tools to allow them to set up websites for each grandchild. Content is automatically created by setting up a profile and preferences for each grandchild. If desired, custom content may be added, such as books written for grandchildren by grandparents.
  • Other Feature Ideas that the crowd comes up with.

Website for Grandchildren

This free website is automatically generated and customized for each grandchild. The content is dynamic and becomes more advanced as the child increases in age. These sites are secure. The child cannot exit out onto the big, bad web. And nobody else can see the child’s website. It is their own personal playroom. These sites contains the following features:

  • Email for Grandchildren specifically designed to connect with their grandparents. This is secure so that the grandchild cannot send or receive email with anyone else.
  • Online Books the grandchild can read or listen to.
  • Online Games the grandchild can play. Some games are played online, live with a grandparent.
  • Other Feature Ideas that the crowd comes up with.

Please join us

We invite you to participate in this crowdsourcing project. Create a new account for yourself and start commenting and contributing. Once you’ve signed up, please use the menu and start with the Project Blog and Polls. And please take a look at our current Grandparenting Blog.

Want to really get involved? We are looking for a few partners with passion who would like to invest in our project. Is that you? If so, please contact us and let us know you “want to really get involved”.

Do you have suggestions, feedback, or need support for this website? You can always contact us by clicking “Contact” in the left column.

Now, please go have a look at the Project Blog.

Thank you so much for your participation!